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#111: Post by drgary »

Hi Mark,

Different bodies, maybe different results. If most people were to eat the small amount of even unsaturated fats that put me in danger they would be just fine. Similarly unfiltered coffee may jeopardize some and not others.

What I WOULD do for a good cup of coffee!


#112: Post by Dogshot »

Hi Gary - I understand 3 primary things about blood cholesterol; 1) a percentage of people (I think < 5%) have practically uncontrollably high levels of cholesterol; 2) blood levels of cholesterol are associated with dietary fat; and 3) high cholesterol levels can clog the arteries that lead to men over the age of 40 to look to drugs like Viagra. This need (ie., ED) positively associates with the incidence of heart disease starting in their 50's.

Everyone's cholesterol levels can be lowered by reducing the intake of fat. In that sense, according to the research, there is no such thing as 'good' fat. Some fats are less 'bad' than others, but they all lead to higher LDL. So, many people (I'm not implying that you are one) do not realize that cutting out added fats, and animal fats altogether (i.e., down to zero) have positive effects on lowering LDL. Not just reducing a few things here and there, real change.

If I had uncontrollably high levels I would take statins, and reduce added fat (including olive oil) and meat, fish, and dairy from my diet down to zero. It's not as difficult as it sounds. If these steps failed to bring LDL down to or below around 85, then unfiltered coffee is probably a bad idea (some research suggests that even filtered coffee can damage arterial lining).

However, in my case, my cholesterol levels prior to dietary changes were on the high side of normal. After hearing about cholesterol and coffee I became a bit nervous about my coffee. I'm satisfied now that my coffee habit has a negligible effect on my cholesterol levels. I do understand that might not be the case for those with uncontrollably high levels.

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#113: Post by drgary »

Thanks, Mark. Interesting post. I'm happy to read that your cholesterol checkup went so well and may be unaffected by drinking espresso.

The trouble -- not with your posts -- is that the links between cholesterol, fats, refined foods, inflammation and genetics aren't yet fully understood. Some would say eliminate all animal fats. Others say eat fish or at least fish oil. There are decent non-fat dairy products. Some people's family risk factors are higher if going very low fat. Others like me thrive on that diet. Some dietary changes that are touted today and backed by research are countered by later research. And so on. :roll:

Having had two incidents that did no lasting damage but showed I'm vulnerable to cardiovascular disease, I try and limit most risk factors. After several in another thread showed that placing a filter paper in the portafilter doesn't alter the shot much, I've chosen that path at home and now enjoy very good espresso and more peace of mind than I would otherwise.

What I was reacting to in your first post was the suggestion that:
Dogshot wrote:If you love espresso but are concerned, I suspect that a few very simple dietary choices will obviate any need to worry about your coffee.
Why worry at all? From other reports posted on this site, filtered coffee is a health food.

BTW, I occasionally visit a superb cafe and order espresso unfiltered. Moderation otherwise makes that choice more comfortable.

What I WOULD do for a good cup of coffee!

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#114: Post by Possepat »

Mother of pearl!

If I ever have to stop drinking espresso on account of health reasons I fear I would sink into a depression so deep it would cause Santa Claus himself to vomit with rage. Then again I'd probably just power through it, Mayan Calendar only has us down for a few more months. Mayan Calendar it's just good science! :lol:
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#115: Post by Benjammer »

I wouldn't recommend resorting to pharmaceutical drugs unless absolutely necessary.
I've read high cholesterol may not even be a factor in poor health. Maybe you were stressed that day or were sick or injured when you got tested? Have you been retested to see if it's still that high?

A healthy diet, including lots of garlic, exercise, good sleep, and not overstressing is all most people need.

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#116: Post by aecletec »

Are you qualified in a relevant health field? Do you have any research to back up your claims?

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#117: Post by Arpi »

things in the body are interconnected and sophisticated. I don't think coffee is a single agent acting out by itself in the cholesterol level.


#118: Post by coryforsenate »

In a nutshell, two diterpenes (cafestol and kahweol) that are normally stuck to the paper filter in drip coffee interfere with cholesterol homeostasis (balance).

Of course, there's more to heart disease than your cholesterol level. Your body's cholesterol receptors play a big role.


#119: Post by coffeematt »

Just found this thread - sorry for joining late.

Having had similar issues to the poster, seen anything from medical doctors over gastroenterologists to acupuncturists, etc. and voluntarily had my gall bladder removed on the way, let me say the following:

Fundamentally, coffee and caffeine is alright for the liver: It stimulates the production and flow of bile. Generally, this is good and beneficial, except when the "exhaust pipe" becomes congested. Clogged up bile ducts is IMO a too often overlooked condition. Once diagnosed (and oftentimes only after having already removed the gall bladder) the common approach of western medicine is to cut open the Sphincter of Oddi that sits at the end of the common bile duct (NB: this really sucks because you're setting yourself up for reflux to the pancreas for life if you choose to do this). My findings (for me) after two years of hard searching is that (again in me) dairy was what causes this to clog up. Thus, my advice for anybody experiencing anything similar would be try to get off dairy completely for while, i.e. 3-4 months (which is often difficult, because milk derivatives is used in a ton of foods, including most salamis and sausages unless if explicitly made with non-dairy lactic acids) and then have it checked again.

Feel free to contact me if you would like a more thorough description of how I massaged out the congestion in my bile ducts. NB I am no medical expert and I can offer no medical advise or cure - only a story of what worked for me.