Dritan Alsela and COVID19 stay-in-place Instagram video

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Dear fellow home-barista.com members,
Never in my 49.5 years of existence have I seen something like this in terms of medical, social, economical. Given unique situation of COVID19 (the disease caused by SARS-Cov2) I have found myself so pre-occupied mentally and time-wise that I almost literally forgot home-barista.com existed :oops: For those not aware of my day job, I am the front line dealing with COVID19. In fact with my employer's unique demographics, one could say I am especially the front line.

Here is my description/musings of current (as of 0500 C.S.T. March 27, 2020) Instagram Live post of Dritan Alsela that I am sure fellow home-barista.com members will find fascinating. My random (i.e. NOT listed in order of importance) commentary follows and not my usual Tolstoy-length posts. I have no clue how to link to that Instagram live stream video and to be honest I have far better uses of my extremely limited time and mental energy right now.
* IMO Dritan Alsela is the Jimmy Page of latte art (poured in real time and in high volume unlike home barista latte art wanna-bes like yours truely)

* He is pouring latte art on Asasco puny machine steamer (I am sure by his standards and compared to fellow home-barista.com members machines (e.g. home Slayers, home GS3s, home Faema Lambro/Presidents, home DB like ones from Rocket/Quickmill/Profitec). He also has LaMarzocco GS3. But to be honest, I did not watch entire Instagram live video in entirety. I am seeing patients today and just too damn busy.
And yes I know espresso machines is far distant 4th place in factor responsible for exceptional espresso. But here I am commenting on the frothing by Dritan Alsela with this "puny" machine.

* Is he speaking German when he isn't speaking English?
I know his business is in Dusseldorf Germany. https://dritan-alsela.com/ I ask b.c. I have effectively no clue about European, Eastern European, Russian, Slavic languages. BUT I have heard some German before (especially since I love Porsche and VW GTIs and VW Rs and Beethoven ). I'd ask my Slavic Boss but alas she already left for work (outpatient elective work so is at risk of being furloughed within next few weeks :cry: ; there is mad dash among her colleagues to transfer to different department but seniority, availability, required training etc mean still many will be furloughed)

* If that is not his blood relative then he is one lucky guy and I see why he has spring in his step (this is meant as ultimate compliment). Does she have a sister? Asking for my-never-married dear friend from professional school who is a keeper (really).

* I feel for all his employees who cannot work (economic impact of COVID19). Just as I feel for my classmate in NYC metropolitan area (west of Hudson River in NJ) who literally is in the hot zone and as of two days ago hospital is buckling (medical impact of COVID19. NO healthcare system is set up for massive rush of patients so just stop the political comments. Healthcare cannot completely be pre-ready for once-a-lifetime pandemic. Please realize I am not Democrat NOR Republican. I have religious values, scientific facts, morals, family values that I follow and live by. I do NOT follow political parties.

* In Dritan we trust: this weekend (when not scheduled to see patients) I will try the 2nd pitcher "trick" the lady mentions Dritan does. Please see his Instagram video.

* My immediate, reflexive reaction to his latte art of that consumer Asasco (? spelling) espresso machine:

Until proven otherwise I will not be following HB again for a while. I have too much other reading to do: e.g. daily CDC.gov videos on youtube, searching internet for direct, unedited interviews and statement Dr. Anthony Fauci give (for those unaware of infectious diseases, Dr. Fauci is the Jimmy Page of infectious diseases), moderating a SARS-Cov2/COVID19 private social media group only for healthcare workers only.

I have seen greatness/kindness in man kind with COVID19. I have also seen flashes and some outright blatant examples of ugliness of mankind with COVID19. So moderators I will entrust in you to to what is appropriate with any subsequent posts. I apologize if you feel this post is inappropriate . I do not feel it is. It is in knockbox; at least 50% of my points in this post have nothing to do with COVID19. And IMO it cannot not permeate all facets of life now including home barista forums.

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mdmvrockford wrote:It is in knockbox; at least 50% of my points in this post have nothing to do with COVID19. And IMO it cannot not permeate all facets of life now including home barista forums.
So far, HB has been a welcome respite from the relentless news about COVID-19. Knockbox isn't an off-topic forum and the Guidelines for productive online discussion specifically says "Stay on topic. Many other avenues exist for non-coffee discussions." If you would like to repost the espresso/coffee related commentary from your post above, please do so. But for now, I think it best to close this thread so members can enjoy a moment away from the pandemic news.
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