Drain valve water blast and Acaia Lunar

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#1: Post by edwa »

Greetings. I recently splurged and got myself a Lunar to use in both my roasting and espresso making routines. Right away I saw that the blast of water coming out of the drain valve on my Quick Mill Vetrano 2b at the end of a shot drenches the back of the scale and the exposed USB C port. First thing I did was put a sliver of electrical tape over the port and cut the bottom out of one of my dosing cups to surround the bottom of the valve as a stopgap. The bottom of the scale is still getting pretty wet. I see that Acaia makes a base but from the photos it doesn't look it would be very effective. Am I being overly concerned, any problem with taping over the port? Any better solutions? Thanks in advance.

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#2: Post by Pressino »

No, your concern is reasonable, and your plan to prevent the discharge water from splashing on the scale is a good solution. You could come up with other designs that would look a bit neater. One would be fitting a clear heat resistant plastic house down from the end of the E61 discharge port into the drip tray.

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Search for USB-C port covers on Amazon or your favorite shopping site. It's what I did to protect the port. Example: https://amzn.to/3a17y3G
It won't help with splashing up under the rear of the scale, but it's a neater way to keep the port safe.

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Another idea is to put a plate under the scale to keep the steam from coming up into the side openings around the scale.
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Get a wrist band like they give out at events. I use that and it covers the port. Your concern is warranted.
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pizzaman383 wrote:Another idea is to put a plate under the scale to keep the steam from coming up into the side openings around the scale.
Great idea!! Perhaps put the plate upside down so liquid won't pool around the scale.

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#7: Post by Mayhem »

Very surprised Acaia themselves do not include a rubber plug for the port considering how the Lunar specifically is expected to be used?!
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Great ideas! I was traveling hence the late reply. I'm also looking in to a replacement drip tray. The new Vetrano has a level grate instead of the mesh and would help with the weight balance.

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#9: Post by SandraF »

My "solution" was to use one of the several flat silicone trivet mats I had and cut it and place it onto my cup riser, then put my Lunar on that. So the splash which occurs is blocked somewhat from reaching the back port.