Does anyone else make colourful handmade cups like these?

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A local cafe I always talk about on here has the most beautiful cups!

They import them from Australia, and it made me wonder why I haven't come across a similar product elsewhere yet. The brand is called Pottery For The Planet and I wouldn't even need to ask the question because I would simply buy more there - but they don't ship to Canada! The cafe must have some special arrangement with them. But I love all the different finishes and color combinations to choose from. Most are handleless, which I prefer, but I like both

Have you seen any colourful coffee cups like this out there? I'd love to know how I can get more of them, yet another thing for me to collect!

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Sarah Kaye ceramics makes nice handleless cups.

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I am off to Google this! Thank you!

Edit - not bad, not bad! Interesting shapes, less interesting designs I suppose, but a good start! Cheers!

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Check the Etsy rabbit hole for ceramic coffee or espresso mugs.

I have these favorited, unlikely I'll pull the trigger though. ... 2959297626