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Do your family / housemates use your espresso machine?

A - Yes
B - No -- they know how, but leave it to me
C - No -- don't know how to use it
D - No -- not interested in coffee
E - Yes -- it's co-owned
F - No -- not permitted
Total votes: 85

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#21: Post by JmanEspresso »

heh, no your not the only one. Luckily I dont need it to be a dont touch policy, as they dont want to touch. However, unless they were willing to obsess over everything like I am, there would definitely be a dont touch policy in effect.

First time a buddy of mine came over, i was upstairs and he was lookin at my machine. NEVER even seen a machine this guy.. He moves the PF handle, it falls out of the group, somehow knocks the driptray out, spills everywhere.. and in his flurry to pick it up or stop it from falling, he bends down quickly, smacks his head on the E-61, knocks the machine, in turn causing three demi's to fall off, breaking my fave one(of course). Coffee sludge/drip water everywhere, broken ceramic cup all mixed in the water, machine moved from its spot.. it was a disaster.

All this happened in a matter of five seconds. I was so pissed, but kinda wished I saw it too. Like it i saw it on a tv show, itd be funny. But since it was my gear(brand new mind you) I was so heated.

He is not allowed near the machine anymore. And he is also the driving reason behind me not really wanting to show anyone how to use it. To lots of people, anita is a "coffee maker". We ALL have seen how "coffeemakers" get treated. Ask someone who uses a Mr.Coffee what they use to clean it out. The look on their face reminds me of deer in headlights.


#22: Post by EspressoObsessed »

My husband is SO proud of his espresso-making skills--which owe something to the fact that I have adjusted the boiler temp and the grind setting before he even gets near it. His education has even embraced changing the grinder when making a decaf Americano at night, but I have marks on the Versalab which make it a lark. He is always willing to let me make him a cup, however, and the reverse is definitely not true! I gamely withhold all comment about what's coming out of the naked PF when he's behind the handle.


#23: Post by ferrum »

As it's just me, my girlfriend and my dog (who's keen on cappuccinos, but doesn't get any ;) ) It's 95% myself only who uses my coffee-rig.

although I've shown her how to operate it and she occasionally makes a coffee for her or friends.
it's "OK". But she doesn't fancy to take the RIGHT TIME to do it most of the times she pulls a shot.
so if I'm around it's just me.

But honestly, I don't mind her using the machine at all... she's the most careful person I know and never would do something seriously "wrong" with my setup...


#24: Post by Fogcity54 »

That would be a "C"
C - No, don't know how to use it.
Recently got Quick Mill Anita and besides me learning the HX world I believe it's a bit intimidating to my partner. All mine and I love it.

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#25: Post by cannonfodder »

They use the water tap for hot chocolate, no one else drinks coffee. Well, almost, my 9 year old boy likes a mocha or iced mocha now and then.
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#26: Post by smillions »

When my daughter is home from university she loves to have me make her lattes. But if I'm not around to do it, she would rather take the dregs from the drip carafe and nuke them then learn how to make her own... kids :roll:


#27: Post by Kiont »

My wife said it's too messy, so she leaves it to me, but she still likes to drink lattes.

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#28: Post by JimWright »

That would be an A in my house, though I've tried for an F without success.

My wife used to work the bar at what is now Lulu Carpenter's in Santa Cruz, and her steaming skills put mine to shame, but she often makes a mess of the machine and then leaves it for me, which makes me nuts, so I try to keep her from using it as much as possible by bringing her Americanos in bed most mornings. :D

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#29: Post by r-gordon-7 »

Another C here. The kitchen is solidly my wife's realm - with the exception of the Gaggia Factory & Ascaso i-Mini. She does everything else. I do the espresso. Fair division of labor, I'd say... :wink:
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