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Hi Doc, thanks for this thread.
I was out at the football all day on a glorious Autumn day in Melbourne Australia.

The recipe I use is slightly modified from a Keto one on the web.

-9 oz of fine almond flour,
-1 cup of skin on almonds,
-1/4 cup of erythritol(or low carb sweetener of your choice),
-1 1/2 tsp Baking Powder,
-1/4 tsp Xanthan gum,
-pinch of salt,
3 eggs,
1 Tbsp melted butter,
2 tsp vanilla,
1tsp Almond essence.
Mix dry ingredients, add wet ingredients and mix again.
Shape and bake at 160-180C for 20-30 minutes(watch it closely, it burns easily)
Let cool(I go 30 minutes in a freezer) then slice (about half a inch thick and re-bake at 140C (again careful or it will burn).
Then I put it in a dehydrator overnight.
Adjust the sweetener to your preferences and supposedly around 2 grams of carbs per slice. :)

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We've made this one and it's really great:


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I scanned my Hershey's cookbook recipe. I don't do my glaze the same, but otherwise, this is what I make. Big hit for everyone around here!

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I like the America's Test Kitchen recipes, have made several from their baking book. I have a pan made just for biscotti, I would really recommend it. It makes it so easy to get a uniform shape. The pan is made by USA pans.

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slightly heavy on the sugar but A-OK otherwise; ... -biscuits/
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Antonio Carluccio is legit. His stuff is very authentic and good.


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Hi All! Decided to make Nick Malgieri's cantuccini recipe today with hazelnuts and wanted to share some photos. The smell is fantastic!

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they look stellar!
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Those are really beautiful!

I think almonds are more commonly used in biscotti but I much prefer hazelnuts.

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A few years ago I went on a biscotti making spree. Gained too much weight but dang it was fun :lol: . I used my Komodo-Kamado with KK coco-char for neutral flavor and near zero smoke...but just enough to kiss the biscotti just right to make them unique.

Of all the different ingredients I tried I think my favorite was the fresh rosemary with pecans & orange zest or rosemary & macadamia nuts pictured below. But fresh sage & Nevada pine nuts was a close second!

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