Do you ever clean/replace Pallo or other espresso machine cleaning tools?

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What cleans the cleaning tools, and does it matter?

Wondering about, for example, my nylon bristle pallo brush. I use it to scrub shower screen and baskets, does it ever need to be cleaned itself though, or just rinsed?

Also, is it sanitary to use that same nylon tool to scrub, say, threads of a vacuum relief valve which may have thread sealant on it, rinse the pallo brush, and then resume using it in shower screen?

Anything to watch out for here, or do you basically just use the brush for whatever and rinse it clean for years?

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I used to soak the nylon bristle shower screen brush in Cafitza every so often. Typically when soaking pfs and/or baskets. With my Londinium, I use the Espazzola cleaning brush, and haven't seen a need to clean it. I still soak my shower screens and baskets about once a week.
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I see, wanted to make sure it wasn't a cleanliness issue to be putting a brush that's seen a whole lot, right back up on the shower screen. I guess the heat would kill any bacteria, but...

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I had to replace my Pallo brush head after a few years of service because some of the bristles got frayed and bent a bit from use. Other than that I just rinsed it occasionally in hot water. When I bought mine (more than 10 years ago) it came with a spare brush I presume the company expects the bristles to wear out over time...but not as quickly as toothbrushes...