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Capuchin Monk

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Do you take sugar? One lump or two?

Not for me when good espresso is available. I want to enjoy it unaltered. I've mistakenly bought espresso roast that was very acidic. I didn't want to throw it away so I ended up finishing it (eventually) by adding little bit of sugar in each serving. I'll never buy that brand again. :roll:

As for pouring some sugar...


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I've been making the wife (my version of a) Cortadito the past few days and she's in heaven... basically a latte version of a cuban coffee.

A Cuban coffee is usually made with a moka pot-- mix a little of the crema in with a teaspoon or two of sugar into a paste, then add in the rest of the espresso. But it can be done alright with an espresso machine as well. Some people put the sugar ontop of the grounds in the portafilter-- which is fine, but I'd prefer to avoid sugar in my machine. If you do this route- back flush often.

My understanding is the Cortadito is just a cuban with milk.


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Nope, no sugar for me. If I'm making cappuccino I'll shave some dark chocolate and sprinkle that over it if someone wants, and I'll occasionally have a bit of dark chocolate when having my espresso. But no sugar in my coffee or tea, nor my iced tea or lemonade. To me, it's like putting ketchup on eggs. You lose the essence of the thing.


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Normally don't use sugar except for espresso 2oz straight shot, i add 1/2 packet of Sucralose before i pull the shot. 4-6 oz latte i add 1 packet of sucralose. Brown sugar in a pinch, I've tried all the other sweeteners from A-Z.


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sugar? blasphemy! :D

joking aside, i stopped taking sugar in my tea, coffee, and fruit juice close to 10 years..
it does introduce a problem of not getting satisfying tea or coffee at most places.. so plain water comes to rescue.

however i feel that brewed properly or with good milk theres already enough richness of flavor there. heated milk is also swwet anyways.. and not everything has to be sugary.

i do make vanilla icecream affogatos sometimes.

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Kaffee Bitte

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From my time in cafes I think the question might be better worded as, "Do you put espresso in your sugar?". The average customer is wanting a coffee dessert, at least in America.

Personally it depends on what I am feeling like, but generally I do add some turbinado. Often depends on the coffee I am running. And sometimes I enjoy a dessert drink too.
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Depends on the level of bitterness. At home never because I set high expectations and eventually want to suffer the consequences, at the bar yep if it's too bitter or otherwise bad. At specialty coffee shops never, again because of high expectations and eventually will talk with the barista about the taste.

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For my tastebuds, when I taste a balanced shot before and after the addition of sugar, it's a similar experience as chocolate without and then with sugar. It brings out the notes I see on the bag.

I understand those that don't experience it like I do, as I am the opposite with tea, sugar just ruins the subtleties and flavor experience of various teas for me.
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Is it a Cuban coffee that calls for sugar? I thought some cofee shops put the sugar in the portafilter then pull a shot. It's an interesting way to add sugar, I thought.