Do people understand your passion for "the ultimate espresso"?

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Do people understand your passion for "the ultimate espresso"?

Some do, but most don't
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#1: Post by Spironski »

Yeah, what is insanity? In a way I think all you people here at HB are insane! Or is it "just" passion?

I think I have to elaborate, not being in the US: I am a passionate person. I am a professional artist, and living in the Netherlands you have to be insane to be an artist. We are the lowest of the lowest here. I have to have a job besides, in a shop (me for artists supplies) as has almost every artist in this country, and my monthly income is something like some people here at HB earn in two hours. But I don't want to complain, it's my choice.

But being the person that I am, I love the good life. I love to "tickle" all my senses. Hearing: I love good music, I know a lot about it and I have a very good hifi-set. Feeling: ehh, yes I love my girlfriend (she is a professional masseuse :-)). Seeing: like I said: I am an artist, but I also love to watch something like the colour of the sky. Smelling and Tasting: that is my main hobby! I love to cook, I keep like 20 malt whiskies and like to smoke a Cuban cigar now and then after diner, and (we are at Home-Barista, right?), make an awesome espresso with it!

I really can feel happy with my cigar, dark chocolate, malt whisky and espresso.

But people around me think I am insane. "Ah yes, that's him, with his passionate hobbies". "How can he afford those expensive things while he has no money at all?" (sometimes I wonder about that also :-)). Most people around me do not seem to understand my passion for something really really good. For my pursuit for perfection, for something without compromises (which I think art is all about).

So how is it with you people here at HB? Do people around you understand your passion for "the ultimate espresso"?

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#2: Post by AndyS »

Spironski wrote:Yeah, what is insanity? In a way I think all you people here at HB are insane! Or is it "just" passion? I really can feel happy with my cigar, dark chocolat, malt whisky and espresso.

But people around me think I am insane.
I am genuinely glad to hear that you are happily insane, or perhaps, insanely happy. :-)

There is no need to analyze, is there? Just enjoy! :-)
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Spironski (original poster)

#3: Post by Spironski (original poster) »

Hi Andy,

Thanks for that. I think you're right.

But I still am curious about how people around these HB-nutcases here, think about them... :D

Did I sense some recognition, Andy....? I mean: I am not alone, am I? :D :shock:

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#4: Post by HB »

Spironski wrote:But I still am curious about how people around these HB-nutcases here, think about them... :D
Another barista trivia poll... OK, why not. Most of my non-espresso friends think I'm a bit over the top. I cannot disagree.
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#5: Post by DavidMLewis »

That would be "understand, but reserve the right to shake head at" in my case. I am reliably informed, by my beloved, that seeking out the company of people crazier than you are in order to normalize your eccentricities is not, ultimately, a successful strategy.



#6: Post by ntwkgestapo »

My wife cannot understand this, BUT, hey, she's the one who gave me the Gaggia Factory! :D Most people around me think the fact that I grind my coffee fresh for every drink (espresso, drip, whatever!) is insane!
Steve C.
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#7: Post by RAS »

People do think I'm a bit odd, but it's primarily because I am a bit odd. Especially when it comes to beverages. Whether it's coffee, tea, wine, beer, whisky, whiskey, orange juice, heck, even water - I have an opinion. I know what I like, and how I'd like it to be served (temp, vessel, breathing time, etc.).

My wife is fine with it because she knows it's all a passion for me. And what is life without some activity that makes sleeping in feel like a waste of valuable time? She is also European, and is quite "old world" (I feel quite lucky about that) - I think that's part of the reason she "gets it".

Some of my friends and co-workers sort of "get it", but they do think I'm over the top. It must be something about having two high-end espresso machines and more than one high-end grinder. But then they have expensive cars, photography equipment, telescopes, computers, audio systems - whatever is part of their passion.

I find that people with passions, hobbies, etc. do "get it". And, honestly, the passionless people who don't - I don't care about them. While we discuss the nuances of producing superior coffee, let them preoccupy themselves with some mind-numbing reality TV show.

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#8: Post by Spresso_Bean »

I am in the unfortunate situation where 99% of the people I know do not like coffee. They definitely don't get anything I do with it, or anything else I do such as building furniture or instruments. I get the "but you could just go buy one - it's much easier". It's not always about being easy...


#9: Post by Troll »

I'm new to the scene and just bought a rocky/silvia set-up. I was showin my g/f the new set-up and she thought it was 'neat'. I then tried to explain the steps involved for the perfect cup and that's where I lost her.

She just stared at me as if I had grown a third eye.

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#10: Post by Jasonian »

People used to think so, but they now either understand, or have simply come to terms with it.

Those who have tasted... those are the ones who have become enlightened.
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