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I used to have spurts from time to time even with WDT. I don't anymore. I eliminated them mostly with time and experience. I grind, tap, quickly WDT, tamp, and pull. I like that ritual. It is fun and that is mostly what matters. I'm not concerned with shots per hour, so a few extra flourishes are entertaining if anything. I think Ike is right. Experience gets you far further than any latest and greatest gadget.

I do believe there is a certain level of equipment one needs to be consistent, but it is far less than most of the internet (or marketeers) would have you believe.


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You'd be surprised how low that level is. I have two machines, a Krups Novo 2300 and a Saeco ViaVenezia. After modding my Saeco for flow control I have gotten consistently good espresso. I had a bag of light roast at the beginning of this month, and only one shot was a sink shot. All the rest were pleasant, with many being good enough that I'll not hesitate to do light roasts in the future.

That mod convinced me to do likewise on the (thermoblock) Krups. I was having good success on that machine anyway with standard espresso-oriented blend roasts, and adding the dimmer and a thermometer has made its output really good.

There's a DeLonghi with a small boiler that is available for around a hundred bucks. I'm pretty convinced that someone on a severely restricted budget could get that, add the dimmer and thermometer (less than $15 total for that), add an unpressurized basket, and get consistently good espresso. One could probably do likewise on a slew of other inexpensive machines.

Of course, one cannot expect a rank beginner to be modifying their machines. And this is more or less the problem...

Capuchin Monk

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Milligan wrote:(or marketeers) would have you believe.
Instilling certain belief is their job / sworn duty to the company they have ties to. :(


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cafeIKE wrote:Spurts are caused by the wrong combination of grind, coffee, basket, headspace, tamper face and distribution. It's entirely possible to WDT and still have spurts. As far as removing ephemeral clumps, it trades clumps for furrows.

The home espresso space has degenerated into gadgets and falderal as bandaids for poor equipment and coffee fueled by bloviators with a video camera. :cry: :cry: :cry:
I'm still amazed when people As far as equipment goes, a WDT starts at 10$, it's by far the cheapest tool and highest value you can get when it comes to removing grinder distribution issues, and it doesn't involve buying a new grinder.

I don't buy into the furrows theory with thin needle WDT when even a porcupress doesn't properly create channels, it's not a thing.