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Beezer wrote:... Is there really a market for this type of automatic frother device? I know some people are willing to pay extra for convenience, but here you still need an espresso machine to make the coffee, so you have to buy two devices - or actually three counting the grinder. ...
I've read more than several accounts of "every Italian household uses a moka pot," and for 20 yrs this was my only method of pressure-brewed coffee. This would've been a nice addition during those moka years. If I ever wanted to add milk, it was always nuked.
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It appears the testing was done with UHT milk, Parmalat. I have no idea how this would effect frothed milk but the milk tastes different than regular pasteurized milk. When I lived in France in the 70's, this was the milk I used in my tea and "cafe filtre"(Melitta filter) as I prefered its taste for this use. Any other milk I bought was unpasteurized at the market from farmers I knew.