Delivery problems with direct purchase La Marzocco USA

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I just purchased a LM GS3 MP direct from La Marzocco. Ordered in January and it arrived last week. The Shock Watch that they put on the palletized box was red meaning that the machine had been dropped and/or impacted. LM is trying to convince me to open the box, set it up and see if there are any problems. They say they won't send a new one. Has anyone else had this problem and how did you resolve.


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I had this exact issue with my LMLM, which I purchased from a reseller. Both the reseller and La Marzocco told me that the the drop watch indicator is very sensitive and could have been turned red from anything not necessarily a drop. They both advised to open the box and see if there is any damage. I did and there was absolutely no damage anywhere.

I also asked the LMLM group on Facebook and tons of people appeared to have the same issue and 99% of them found no issues when they opened the box.

The real question is, is there any damage on the cardboard box indicating actual impact? If not then definitely open it and set it up

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I assume this was a freight delivery. If so, the paperwork you signed may have said something like "inspect before accepting delivery". Once the delivery truck leaves with your signature, the shipping company is likely to refuse damage claims.

For what it's worth, I unbox high value freight shipments while the driver waits. They've never complained about it.
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I just had on Fri a LMLM I ordered in Feb delivered. The indicator was red but there was no damage anywhere on the box. I opened it up and carefully inspected the machine. No issues anywhere. Machine is working great (although I had to prime the pump manually)

Good luck and hope your machine is in good shape. If you have any issues, presumably the warranty would help cover you given that you bought it new from LM.

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Thank you all for your replies. My box does have some damage (e.g. tears, punctures, etc.) in several places but nothing that I would have worried about had it not been for the 'red' Shock Watch indicator. I didn't unpack the box. As LM advises on its website, I wrote "Damaged" on the delivery papers and signed and called LM. LM is saying I can return the unopened box but they won't replace, which is a little strange to me. And if I open the box and there is damage they will repair but not replace. The warranty "excludes" coverage for damage "during shipping" and I asked them to wave that for 60 days to make sure my machine is ok and they refused, which I also find strange. On the other hand, I am encouraged to read from you that this happens a lot and 99% are ok. Sounds like it is worth opening my box and setting it up to see if all is working.


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I'm confused here. If they will take the machine back, what do they mean by they can't replace? What if they take it back and refund you then you buy another one? Does that mean they won't ship to you anymore and you have to use a reseller?

ApR186Qep (original poster)

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I can see why you are confused, as am I. I haven't gotten as far as to ask if I return and get my money back, will they actually not let me order from them again.

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If you open it and there is damage and they will repair it and it is under warranty, and if most people have deliveries like this that result in a working machine, this strikes me as a verbal standoff that isn't necessary. If you want the machine, you won't have the risk of it ending up not working and not covered. Added: If a manufacturer can't guarantee that an item is delivered without the Shock Watch activated, whether or not it's damaged, their calculation may not be personal but may be from an assessment that the same issue will need to be resolved again.

If you don't want it, you'll get your money back and there are other high-end machines that will probably arrive with shipping questions -- unless you live within driving distance of a dealer.

For my tastes if I were buying that level of machine it would ship from Bosco in Naples or Lapera in Montreal, and it would be a bit challenging to pick it up and carry it home.

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I honestly don't see a lot of value with the shock watch they continue to use on the machines. I think the shock watch causes a lot of headache and angst for the buyer and the seller. At the end of the day, La Marzocco guarantees the machine from any defect. Of course, if you receive the machine and you see that the box is damaged indicating that there could be some damage to what's inside the box then that's a different story.

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ApR186Qep wrote:...... The warranty "excludes" coverage for damage "during shipping" and I asked them to wave that for 60 days to make sure my machine is ok and they refused, which I also find strange. ....

I don't see where damage during shipping is excluded from the LM Warranty summary. Does the actual written warranty say something different?

I would clarify with them what your repair expectations are if it is not working correctly or even if it is. For example, you want it inspected after set up regardless of whether it seems to work. I would also file a claim with your CC company until resolved.

Obviously this is a recurring issue, and LM isn't transparent around what they will do at this point. Also ask someone to call you ASAP. Of course, they have already tarnished the buying process by not being transparent. Whatever their policy is, it should be plainly stated on the warranty website.
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