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Iowa_Boy wrote:Curious if the updated burr do better in that regard? Or maybe I just need to fine tune my RDT workflow!
The Shuriken SLM has a lot of static as well--I do two sprays and shake the beans well. I think this static is common for large flats.

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The only reason someone might have problems with a Decent and any grinder is one of them not being consistent. Being that it's a Decent, you can look at your charts and start getting a really good, and fast idea about what's going on. Be it the Decent or the Grinder. When I make micro adjustments on my Niche I'm seeing immediate results in my graphs, and usually minor changes in taste. So with that consistency you can easily find a good shot. You would have to have wildly different ground sizes between runs to have problems with inconsistencies.

I don't think you have anything to worry about.