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#3331: Post by jrham12 »

I kind of like the brushed metal (matte) aesthetic of the machine, but I'm sure I'd be shocked to find out what the price adder is for the AMG "trim package"!!! LOL!

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#3332: Post by baldheadracing »

... a coffee machine advertises its CPU ...
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#3333: Post by Chert »

Well, I did not see it, I experienced it.

USPS investigations was alerted that three packages I mailed might harbor illicit drugs, now delaying Priority mail 3 day into the 7 th day. Apparently if it smells like coffee it might be cocaine.

I assured the agent that only licit drug is present in the form of coffee and allowed the search of my packages.

What a %#*$ing delay for my precious samples sent out to coffee friends.
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#3334: Post by Aguirre replying to Chert »

That's horrible. I wonder if commercial roasters also subject to those searches.

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#3335: Post by Chert replying to Aguirre »

"Terrible is what it was." Dead Man dir Jim Jarmusch

Apparently any postal worker can call out a package for inspection. I turned those in to an indoor mailbox large enough for padded envelopes (as I had coffee shipments in the past), but no more. I will hand off such wonderfully aromatic packages to a person at the post office during open hours in future.
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aromas remain enticing, and I intrigued, ah coffee!

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#3336: Post by Milligan »

Drug lords use coffee to mask the smell of drugs. What can we use to mask the smell of coffee? :mrgreen:

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#3337: Post by ira »

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#3338: Post by Chert »

Pack the %#*$ in kitty litter. Stuff masks odors real nice.
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aromas remain enticing, and I intrigued, ah coffee!

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#3339: Post by yakster »

Mylar bags work really well to mask the smell of the contents, especially if you heat seal them.

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#3340: Post by Randy G. »

I had a friend who was working in Guatemala (iirc) with coffee farmers trying to make it so they benefit from their efforts. He wanted to set them up roasting and canning to be able to ship their coffee to the US. He did some research and the customs folks told him they would have to open every can. I think it was so long ago that there were not *.GOV sites where they would teach about graft and bribes and such. :lol:
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