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Randy G.

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Capuchin Monk wrote:Or dolphin?
I thought that at first, but it has gills, so not a mammal. it did taste mammalian either. :wink:
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Quite remarkable Randy, I see you went down to Sacramento and got some Chocolate Fish coffee, normally it's just the tail you see...


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As I just picked up a bag of their Misty Valley today to compare with my own roasts, this gave me a good laugh.

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Something about the flavor of fish comes to mind when I'm drinking fish latte art.. lol
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Randy G.

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While remarkable as that latte art was (and except for a bit of contrast adjustment it is unretouched), before this goes any further or I get entered against my will in a contest, that "fish art" was 100% an accident.
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Mad Scientist

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A missed opportunity on your part to teach custom latte art. Man you could have "milked it" for all it was worth!
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who did this route...

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Team HB

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What I WOULD do for a good cup of coffee!

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Good one! :D


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Salivating involuntarily