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Marcelnl wrote:(I may well be missing the pointe you are trying to make)
It was a tribute to a movie Godfather Part II (1974) which the main character becomes an importer of olive oil from Italy.

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I thought it might be something like that :wink: it's been a long time since I saw that movie!
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.... playing that demo video just blows my mind. Like it feels like the guy never had an espresso before... it looks like a soft serve ice cream for god sake.

Still interested in just dissecting the item in question.


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James Hoffman included this rather odd device in one of the videos from his Moka Pot series, earlier this year:
(skip to 15:57)

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Ah, yes. The Kamira. I like the way James Hoffman has fun with it. The Kamira looks really odd and the build quality is minimal but it works like an Atomic brewer. Water is brought to the boil under pressure and the steam pushes water that hasn't reach a boil through a tube to the portafilter. It doesn't easily burn the coffee because of this but has the odd feature of a restricted flow in the portafilter to create foam. If memory serves, if you don't use a high robusta blend, the brew is more like an Atomic. I"ll have to pull it out of my cupboard to give it a try.

Kamira: A Unique Stovetop Brewer Almost Ready for Prime Time

The last post in that thread is by Lucio Del Piccolo, aka Lvx. He had a major role in the Maltoni book on coffee brewers and is the top collector I know of caffetieres. When using a Bialetti type moka pot Lucio developed the wet bed technique to extract more flavor out of lighter roasts.

How to improve your moka pot coffee

Lucio's a long-time friend and has a wonderful blog here:

The Mukka's kind of fun too, less odd than the Kamira, and it's pretty good for making a cafe con leche. I found one of those in a local Goodwill.

What I WOULD do for a good cup of coffee!


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It probably has been posted somewhere here before but I couldn't find it.
I just rewatched the original Alien movie and saw part of the kitchen in the spacecraft with a grinder and filter coffee maker.
They use a Krups 223 grinder and a Braun KF 20.

The image seems to be taken from the set but it's the best I could find now.
I happen to have the same grinder and coffee maker but in orange which better represents the era they where made in :mrgreen:

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A funny post about lever espresso on Instagram. ... _copy_link

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