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#3091: Post by redbone »

Borrowed this with permission.

Now you know.
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#3092: Post by Marcelnl »

completely forgot this one, from a few weeks had snowed (which is pretty rare where I live). Heard a buzzing sound as if a moped was racing through the street so I looked out.
It was that he made a couple of runs enabling me to snap a picture as he was speeding down the street on skies with the engine and propeller of an ultralight or similar strapped to his back.

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#3093: Post by Jake_G »

I didn't think anyone saw me!

(I had to get to the nearest roaster as I was out of beans!)

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#3094: Post by Marcelnl »

I think it's gonna be the next sport, uphill skiing

I want one too...
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#3095: Post by guijan12 »

:D :P



#3096: Post by DaveB »

This is so awesome!! :D
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#3097: Post by Marcelnl »

Kopi Tubruk with a straw :D
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#3098: Post by yakster »

@acaiacoffee Introducing a brand new scale: the HAL 9000 ... _copy_link

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#3099: Post by jbviau »

Ha! I think Fellow's Ode meat grinder attachment might beat it, though (also on Insta)...
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