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#3081: Post by RapidCoffee »

Got a gut feeling about this probiotic coffee... :P


#3082: Post by luvmy40 » replying to RapidCoffee »

HAH! :lol:

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#3083: Post by Jeff »

I drink a big-name herbal tea on occasion that claims live probiotics (for its warmth and a bit of flavor, not its implied health benefits). I've always wondered how they survive boiling water.

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#3084: Post by Randy G. »

RapidCoffee wrote:Got a gut feeling about this probiotic coffee... :P
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#3085: Post by yakster »

Sip-to-Suit Cards About Coffee. Looks like a coffee Kickstarter campaign that has good odds of delivering on it's promise.

Reminds me a bit of AeroPress Brew Recipe Dice.

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#3086: Post by baldheadracing »

yakster wrote:... Reminds me a bit of AeroPress Brew Recipe Dice.
The crazy thing is Hoffmann came up with the dice a little over three years ago, which were, in effect, a physical explanation of why he can not do an Aeropress brew guide video ... yet the most-requested always-in-the-comments request is, and has been: an Aeropress brewing video.

(I do think he should do one, though - but restrict himself to stale commodity beans, and a 'bad' hand grinder with floating ceramic burrs that bounce about.)
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#3087: Post by dominico »
Il caffè è un piacere, se non è buono che piacere è?

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#3088: Post by learncoffee »

Now that's what I call a "multi-tasker" tool.