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I didn't get a chance to ask the barista at Vivace if they were still using the Niche for their decaf, but I think the hopper mod speaks for itself. Creative, and awesome to see home gear hacked for pro use...


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For reasons I don't understand my wife decided I needed some chocolate covered espresso beans. I put an actual 58mm tamper on top for a size reference. We give away foil covered fish shaped chocolate to our customers ever holiday season so this came in the boxes with 160 pounds of Chocolate fish.


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Check this out, a friend found this E61 for sale, but one of the groups is bigger than normal, and has a quad portafilter spout! I have never seen this before, and the machine itself otherwise is like other E61 machines from the era. I wonder if others have seen this or know more about it.

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Would never try this with my own gear but it would be fun to try stuff like this.
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In case you just upgraded and are still craving a Nespresso...

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Or for the significant other who doesn't want to learn to make espresso. :D

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I prefer to remain indispensable. :D
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Went down a rabbit-hole of cheap grinders on Amazon and found this:

I think the grinds might be a teensy bit clumpy from this one :lol:

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Found this


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