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appfrent wrote:Trying to follow curves on artisan was biggest impediment in my learning to roast. Stopped looking at computer, especially after first crack. My coffee since is really good and my ROR curves not really revealing or confirming to any dogma. Not surprising, I prefer it this way.
I've been roasting for 20 years on and off. I've never used a computer or thermocouple even though I have access to some very high end temp monitoring/tracking equipment due to my bill paying work field.

I roast by color smell and intuition with very low tech gear. Fresh Roast 340 and a West Bend Poppery. Both with the "high Tech" roast Chamber and extension.

I get excellent results and have been praised quite highly for my roasts by a few very old school coffee geeks.

This doesn't mean I'm not jonesing for a Cormarant, just that I won't bother with the Artisan side of things.

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Cafe in abandoned elementary school in the mountains of Japan. ... se-School/
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