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Not just any old drawer, that's a stay fresh coffee drawer! Also I missed the integrated milk cooler -- they thought of everything!


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OMG! is there a place for sugar too? If so I'm in nirvana
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truemagellen wrote:I've always wanted an alarm clock that can scald me when I want to hit the snooze. And this privilege for only $445, sold!
I just think of the first time you leave town and forget to turn it off, and it pours hot coffee all over the place on day 2.


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why not both :lol:


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I am inspired.
What I'm interested in is my worst espresso being fantastic - James Hoffmann

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I pretend to be a real coffee business because it makes some things easier. One of the downsides is junk email from people wanting to help me make my coffee house more successful. Todays offer was watch a webinar, get a $25 Amazon gift card while trying to catch my attention with the subject:

What can your coffee shop learn from Starbucks? (Hint: NOT how to make coffee)


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Dedicated Steam Machine seen on Instagram.


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Spotted on FaceBook:


What I WOULD do for a good cup of coffee!


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baldheadracing wrote:I am inspired.
I've often wondered how I can make my espresso making routine more deadly.

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Chaff from coffee roasting for McD's will be used to make headlights for Ford.
Atul said it takes the skins of 392,000 coffee beans to make one housing unit. McDonalds throws away 1.2 million pounds of coffee bean skins each week. ... headlights
What I'm interested in is my worst espresso being fantastic - James Hoffmann