Covid and sense of smell

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chanty 77

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Husband and I dodged the covid bullet since the beginning, but finally got it & starting to feel better after about a week. Didn't have symptoms as bad as a lot of people have, so that I am thankful for. Right now I have coughing with some mucous coming from the chest. I noticed with past NORMAL colds/bronchitis over the years that if the congestion was bad enough, I would lose my sense of smell (then....not worth eating, drinking)

Weird, I can taste/smell most food, but my coffee which is not old at all--I just get some 'bitter' in the tastebuds, but no sense of smell. Has anyone else experienced this? I'm hoping this will pass. Too much expensive equipment & beans that just arrived in the mail......sigh

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I lost all sense of smell for about 3 months. Coffee tasted "warm". Then for a few more months, I could only smell blue cheese. It was mostly back 1 year later. I think I don't smell mildew very well, but foods (and coffee!) are back to very tasty. I think. Hard to compare.

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Randy G.

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I had it very early on. Thought it was a cold until it went into its second week which is extremely rare for me as they usually last no more than six days, beginning to end. But I did lose the sense of taste for about two or three hours. Definitely got my attention, big time!
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My friend could smell but his taste was off, some foods tasted ok but said coffee tasted like dirt for a few weeks.

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And I refuse to get Covid. My taste buds are already shot anyway.

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BaristaBoy E61

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When I got Covid my wife lost her sense of smell. Maybe she got it too. At least she didn't loose her sense of humour. :lol:
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Anyone that still suffers the loss of smell/taste I can't recommend doing this as most humans aren't open to it but for those that are certain psychedelics have shown to reconnect the brain pathways and return these senses back quicker than just waiting - this isn't multiple trips its one and done doses. Please research first and YMMV
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I didn't loose my sense of smell/taste, rather it was altered. My sensitivity to salt became almost unbearable. I usually love salt, but buttered toast was even too much. I was partway through a bag of coffee which suddenly tasted and smelled very different, like cloyingly almond cookie and maraschino cherry. Fortunately, the salt sensitivity left quickly and other things started slowly getting back to normal after a month or so.
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I completely lost my sense of smell for about 12 months. I lost my sense of taste too to some degree, but I could still feel the texture and temperature of food, so I sort of felt like I could still taste (maybe just my brain filling in). Also I got covid in Feb 2020, before vaccines were out, and I was sick for about 6 weeks and got pneumonia. I highly doubt you will lose your sense of smell for a year.

What fixed it for me was smell training. I remember the first thing I could smell was my Irish Spring body wash. I would shove my nose in the bottle and very faintly be able to smell it. After that I tried it with other really strong smelling things. I remember I could stick my nose in a jar of diced garlic or a bottle of whisky and barely smell anything, but over time things started to come back.

So my recommendation would be find a few really pungent things you have around the house (spices, shampoo etc.) and just smell them a few times each day imagining what they should smell like.

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I've, against all odds, dodged Covid so far. Nearly everyone in my family has gotten it including my wife. She lost her smell for a few days but it came back. My friend used to love whiskey but he said it tastes/smells like janitorial cleaners now. He switched to rum and enjoys that.

It would be awful to have a career as a Q grader or green buyer and have Covid make you lose your sense of taste and smell. Ugh.