Countertop Storage for Duomo & St Anthony Distributor

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I am looking for something that can hold the Duomo & St Anthony Distributor and/or tamper that will look good on the counter top. I would prefer it to be matching chrome to the R9 One that I have, however I would be open to different materials. Since the Duomo has that cleaning base with the bristles on it, it probably needs to be custom or maybe someone makes something like this already.

Any thoughts on what is possible?

The blok party st anthony station does not do what I am looking for. I don't need a knock box or tamping station included with the storage. I just need it to hold the duomo and one or one circular discs (for a leveler however if it had two for a tamper and leveler that would be fine as well)

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You have probably searched Etsy, but have you thought about approaching one of the woodworkers to make something custom? Not knowing exactly what your counter and set up looks like, perhaps using ebony would be a look that might work? You could remove the bristles on the Duomo base, measure the width and have the person cut a hole just big enough to slide them in and out (so that you can occasionally clean the bristles), then router out a collar so that the whole Duomo sits just below the top of the holder. Add another hole for the distributor and then the look is complete. Another way to go is to get a similar design CNC'd out of stainless or have it 3D printed...
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