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Received mine just a couple of days ago when they restocked. I agree with Capuchin Monk that product quality is surprisingly top notch, very easy to use, and grooms the grounds perfectly with three to five back and forth spins (using AutoComb method). Price wise at $35 shipped, what's not to like so far. Only one problem that I see is that the needles look like they are non replaceable. They appear to be pressed into the base. I imagine if I ever need to replace them I could drill the holes larger, place a magnet in there and then use the WeberWorkshop Moonraker needles...problem solved!

Edit: We'll not so fast, the Mantis has not worked nearly as well on my medium to medium-light roasted coffees. For whatever reason it leaves a very uneven surface and some balls of grounds. As for the Moonraker on the same coffees, the grounds are perfectly level and totally homogenous. Quite impressive!
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2 more comb type WDT tools released! ... 4269273010 ... 4264927280

Look like they both have replaceable pins. :)