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Chert wrote:How did you get into processing by so many different ways?

Have you used brix measurements or other tests to guide fermentation?

I see in google searches some of the listed processes in prior years' greens (like Roastmasters) or roasted (like Stumptown Grand Cru or Bird Rock Coffee Review lauded coffee) natural, Burundi, washed and this years cascara comes up, but most of the list don't come to light.
I was curious. Trying to understand why different countries processed coffee differently than we did. I'm sure I drove my buyers crazy haha. And I asked for their help in trying to recreate those processes in El Salvador to see what affect they would have in the cup. We had to tweak them because of the altitude, water PH level, humidity, etc and it took years to make them work for us. Very few of my customers submit to Coffee Review and I'm not sure why other processes wouldn't show up on Google. We sell them to roasters every year. I'll be offering sample boxes later on this year. Currently we only have the Washed available. Which is the base for all of the other processes.
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