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Figured it might be worthwhile to have a general thread for anything coffee newsworthy. Not focused on memes, gags, or the "craziest thing I've seen today" thread. So if you find and want to share something noteworthy in the world of coffee without the need to start a separate thread, feel free to share here.

Two interesting things I saw today.

After the chaos of COVID in 2020, Ecuador joined the Cup Of Excellence for judging for the first time this year and apparently did exceedingly well! There's an article in Daily Coffee News from 2019 that spoke of their original plans. I believe some lots were judged and auctioned with participation of COE in 2020, but this year celebrates their arrival on the scene. Many 90+ point coffees from that tiny little country! ... r-in-2020/

And second, an interesting video interview of Schomer with Espresso Vivace, targeting more towards how to open your own coffee business. But the parts I found funny/interesting were his Niche Zero grinders modded with cable clamps to hold big hoppers and his hard jab at the SCA(A).
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TomC interesting video interview of Schomer with Espresso Vivace, targeting more towards how to open your own coffee business.
It's pretty cringey overall and the focus on how much things cost and starting a coffee cart is annoying but I thought some people might want to see one of espresso's icons and his shop, regardless of anyone's personal thoughts about Schomer.

Very interesting use of the Niche coffee grinders FWIW.

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Perking lot: Israel's coffee culture served up in Jerusalem exhibit

Museum of Islamic Art offers the java-curious a brimming mug of information, including why their morning joe is different from their afternoon brew
I found the pics of the exhibit interesting, and I loved this quote from a collector:
Kayam's own mother always drank Elite instant coffee, a habit he never disparages, as "the best coffee is the one that you love." ... em-exhibit

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An editorial on Cometeer 'instant' coffee.
Boston Tech Startup Develops Worst Imaginable Way To Get A Cup Of Coffee

Albert Burneko
4:20 PM EDT on Oct 21, 2021

There's a sort of inescapable wastefulness to having a cup of coffee, unless you happen to do your coffee drinking in the relatively narrow belt of the planet that supplies coffee beans to the whole rest of it. Here, where I am writing this blog, by the time any coffee beans arrive as grounds in my pour-over pot they've traveled many thousands of miles from even the nearest plausible place of origin. The best a coffee drinker at my latitude can hope for is that the coffee bean travels a reasonably straight path from the place it grew to your cup: Maybe it was packaged near where it was harvested, and then a series of basically direct rides on boats and/or planes and/or trucks brought it to some place near you that does roasting and retailing and maybe even brewing of coffee, where you bought it. That's not ideal! That's already a pretty brutal carbon footprint for a cup of hot bean water. But it's likely the best you can do ... ... of-coffee/