Coffee houses start allowing women and men to congregate together in Saudi Arabia - Page 2

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I suggest that this thread should be closed. If not, it should at the very least be moved to knockbox.

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From the article:
Vivian Yee wrote:For insight into these head-spinning times in Saudi Arabia, where the ultraconservative social and religious codes that micromanage daily life seem to spring a new leak every month - women driving! movie theaters! Usher and Akon rapping to sold-out crowds! - it sometimes pays to read the Google Maps reviews of specialty coffee shops.
The article and the discussion are about a societal change, although though-provoking, have little to do with cafes/coffee per se. If, for example, the article was about the best cafes or coffees in Riyadh, it'd be more applicable to this site's purpose. Closed and moved to Knockbox as Nunas suggested.
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