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I'm a product design student in my final year of University and I've decided to design something coffee-related as it's something I'm very passionate about. I wanted to ask for some frustrations people have when making coffee whether it's in a domestic or commercial setting, no matter how big or small they may be, so I can gauge what problems exist currently that need to be innovated on

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I'm often wondering what the true brew temperature is at the puck during a pull. Different machines take the water temp from different locations or not at all. Methods exist for getting this info, but are generally not very efficient or attractive to look at. Perhaps an accurate, simple, factory original looking temp gauge for brew head water would be interesting.

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As you can see from the first response, the frustrations of hobbyists are not the same as most home users (e.g. "how recyclable are all these pods") or cafe shop baristas (e.g. "is there a button that will make everyone waiting in line pleasant and patient").

You may want to tell us what kinds of frustrations you were looking to ameliorate.
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One thing my years as a product manager has taught me is that this kind of question is close to useless. You need to first get yourself involved with a real set of users. Set, not one or two. Then you need understand they'll give you an answer, not a problem to solve. What they need is very seldom what they want.

Not picking on the previous poster, as they answered your question, but what problem are they trying to solve?

"I need to be able to better control my extraction temperature"


"I need a way to communicate my extraction temperature to people with other machines."

or ...

Learn those skills and they'll take you places.
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Honestly just coffee related making problems! I'm at a point of the project where it's just research now, so I'm honestly looking for any problems that people may have related to making coffee, then I'll review all of them and go from there, so honestly I'll take anything aha