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Isn't Febreeze masking the odor in the sense that it isn't eliminating the source of the unpleasant molecules?

I foster kittens in my home and it's common for them to have diarrhea and poor litter box habits. The room I use is carpeted so I rent a carpet cleaner periodically. To me, a clean carpet is far more desirable than one that only smells clean. So I buy the unscented soap instead of the Febreeze type. I'd rather know.

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another_jim wrote:To me, it's like the smell equivalent of being blindfolded. Do you put a paper bag over your head if a place looks bad? I suppose if you've been miseducuted into not using smell for information about the world, but simply for "avoid that," these deodorizing concoctions have some kind of value. Part of the value of getting into coffee is that it can reawaken the sense of smell.
I wholehartedly agree, I hate 'room perfumes' designed to disguise bad odors as much as stuff like febreze....
Febreze is basically a different way of what folks in 'fancy' french courts would so, use copious amounts of perfume to hide fact they did not wash in the last 30 years....
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My memory of Febreze as a product is that it actually works to control/suppress/hide odors without perfume - the cyclodextrin compound. P&G still make an uncented version, but people are so brainwashed into thinking clean=smells nice, that the unscented sells very poorly. I think the original product from way back might have been unscented, or more lightly scented then todays products.


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jpender wrote: But does it taste sweet to you?

No it does not taste sweet, but good broccoli, picked at the right time is one of my favorite vegetables. Asparagus always tastes of chemical bitterness. Brussel sprouts generally I don't like, but I have found I can enjoy a salad with shaved raw sprouts, oil, vinegar etc. and topped - and this is key - with a healthy dose of pecans.


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I'm not surprised. I perceive sweetness in broccoli and asparagus and Brussels sprouts. Carrots and onions are very sweet, practically in the dessert category, for me.


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I think that probably indicates your tongue is the opposite of mine. I have more bitter tastebuds than normal and you probably have fewer.