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I've always assumed an espresso has 2/3 the caffeine as a regular cup of drip.
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Lupulus wrote:Being new to espresso, I am still getting my technique down and pulling several shots in a row in order to analyze taste and play with variables. Without thinking about it this morning, I drank four shots in a row. I didn't feel any different than if I had had my regular french press coffee, which got me to wondering about caffeine. In order to make the four shots, it didn't take a lot more whole beans than I would have used to make a 16oz travel mug with the french press. Thus, is the caffeine content similar? Or, because of the finer grind of espresso does that method extract more caffeine than brewing? Is it the other way around for some reason?
I clipped and saved an article from Coffee and Tea Magazine, a couple of years ago.
This is what they wrote. A cup of espresso coffee contains 40-80 mg. of caffeine: an American coffee contains 150 mg. So even if it is more diluted it is a stronger coffee. I point this out to people who say they can not drink regular coffee because the caffeine effects them. I make them an espresso drink and they are converted when they sleep well that night.

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40 - 80 mg. Ah hah! we got a (sort of) specific number, finally. Does anyone else concur?


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The USDA value for Espresso coffee is 64 mg caffeine per fluid ounce.

Since most of us drink doubles, I'd say the number is closer to about 120 mg.
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