Café Gourmand: a dessert for indecisive espresso lovers

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#1: Post by dominico »

I found myself in Toulon, France the other day. Stopping into a small Italian themed trattoria/café called "Manofica" for lunch I saw "café gourmand" on the menu, with no description.

They serve espresso out of a giant copper Elektra so I thought I'd give the "café gourmand" a go even though I had no idea what they were about to serve me.

It turned out to be an espresso with a bunch of different desserts all on one plate.
Lemon merengue pie,
rum cake,
Panna cotta, and
Enjoy each dessert in between sips of espresso.
I decided to order a second espresso to help me get through all of them :)
Il caffè è un piacere, se non è buono che piacere è?

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#2: Post by HB »

You had me at "dessert for espresso". :lol:
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#3: Post by TomC »

That's a brilliant idea. I'd love to see some US based adopters.
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#4: Post by patrickff »

dominico wrote:I decided to order a second espresso to help me get through all of them :)
Not quite what I would call a dessert - more like a full entrée to me :wink:
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#5: Post by nosduj »

I think desert could be an entree :lol:, that looks delicious!

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#6: Post by TenLayers »

That, my friends, is heaven on earth to me.

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#7: Post by chopinhauer »

Definitely a 2 espresso dessert!
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