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I use my cell as a timer. I know they have a warranty but I have been conditioned to ignore warranties because of conditions (can I get it wet? or Not? It is called a jeweler's scale...), return postage, and other PIA issues. I just buy another one. Peace of mind.


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For $10 I wouldn't try to get it warrantied either. I was just wondering what's up with those scales that they die so quickly?


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pGolay wrote:I do like the SearchPean description on Amazon -

The kitchen Espresso Coffee Scale is equipped with invisible LED screen and hidden touch control ,Slim body thickness, compact and easy to store;design minimalist ;Turn off like a mysterious Pandora little Rubik's cube
Yes, it is seducing... Last night, after a couple of glasses of wine, I could not resist and I ordered it from aliexpress.


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I saw one on AliExpress that looks almost exactly like the Acaia Lunar - probably a dupe. It is $70 and doesn't seem that much different from the SearchPean scale aside from aesthetics, so I went with SearchPean. Funnily enough I ordered mine last night too!


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@Kran @mixespresso What are your thoughts on the SearchPean scale? Anyone up for doing a mini-review?


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It is getting delivered from China. So, have not got it yet. It will take a while apparently


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These Neoweigh scales have been reliable for me over the years. I have two, one for beans and one for timing and weighing extraction.
https://www.amazon.com/dp/B094XKJVGH?ps ... ct_details


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barbit wrote:@Kran @mixespresso What are your thoughts on the SearchPean scale? Anyone up for doing a mini-review?
I got it and, so far, I am impressed.
It is very responsive, stable and it fits perfectly with my Cafelat robot. It has an automatic mode but I use the timer manually because I need to time the pre-infusion time

For context, I have no experience using high-end scales. I just think it is way better than my previous humble scale


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Following this with interest, curious whether anyone has used the new one sweet Maria's is advertising for $25ish? https://www.sweetmarias.com/rechargeabl ... -500g.html

I see it on Alibaba also.


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I'm just not sure (and actually doubt) that the 500g version can accurately and reliably measure to 0.01. I had a scale I got from Amazon for about $25 that did register 0.01g in the readout. It also did seem to be reliable...at least in the sense that I was able to get repeated readings on the same sample tested more than once, but it almost certainly was not accurate, and I suspect it used some sort of approximation algorithm to get a reading to 0.01. I do have another small scale made by RCBS that measures accurately to 0.01g...because it was designed to weight powder for reloading and has to be both accurate and consistent. It also cost a lot more than $25 and has to be turned on for several minutes for the sensor to thermally stabilize. My 0.01g reading $25 scale is supposedly ready to go immediately. Maybe China has come up with some new precision sensor design that doesn't need to thermally stabilize to give highly accurate results. Or maybe not....