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Randy G. wrote:To test the distribution, try tapping the portafilter downward a few times after distribution but before tamping. Watch for any area that settles unevenly. Not terribly scientific, but it is easy.
Ah yes, done that. Though normally due to my setup I do a tap or two before using the distributor.
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Hey there,

I have both the Tamper and Distributor and I am very happy with both of them. I have them since early Jan.

Tamper: Does a perfect job, feels great in the hand, looks beautiful...imho I could not think of anything better . I had a 49.8mm tamper base custom made by Gilberto, with works wonder with the IMS 49mm baskets (as long as you use the distributor first, otherwise some grounds may get trapped between the tamper and the basket walls, thus creating some resistence). So I guess you can have the tamper in basically any size.

Distributor: The fact that it is self sdjusting comes in very handy if you are frequently changing beans. The extraction is more even. Typically, when using the distributor, the flow remains more constant through the shot. The shots are sweeter and have more body. I recommend slighlty tapping the pf a few times on the counter to settle the ground before using it the distributor.
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Has anyone dealt with Gilberto recently? I emailed him last week and haven't heard back from him.


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It took him a few days or a week to respond to my first email last week, at which point he said there was a shipment headed to WLL in a few weeks. I replied with a follow-up question, no response so far.


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Thank you!


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Just ordered from him on Monday. In route to US now.


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Curious, what is the max depth/extension on the distributor and tamp? Any idea if he offers a 53.5mm? I just upgraded to a La Spaziale and am looking for options. I bought a cheap distributor/tamper combo on Amazon, but it doesn't work for both in my case. When I dose by weight and tamp I have a ton of headroom, perhaps partly due to the nature of the 53mm basket needing more depth to allow for the same % expansion. That said, I need a fairly deep adjustable tamper and distributor. The cheap one maxes out at 12mm on one side only, and isn't really adequate.

Based on your photo it appears that the distributor would work more than well enough but I wasn't sure how it worked.


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My Bravo tamper and distributor arrived today. I haven't had opportunity to test them out yet, but I think they make up just about the most beautiful coffee gear I've ever owned.

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I received my tamper on Friday and, combined with my new Decent 10g basket, the beauty of my shots has been utterly transformed. The tamper is dead simple to use, weighty, and spot on every time. The basket looks like a traditional 18g basket (only shorter), which allows me to have picture perfect pours.

Shot taste quality (so far) is exactly the same as before. :P :lol:


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I got my set last week and am loving it so far. I have a Breville Oracle so this is first tamper that I bought/used after getting Niche Zero delivered. One slight complaint is that portafilter holder doesn't hold naked portafilter as stable as it does spouted one. I just got baked portafilter so I'm still learning in how to dial in the shot.