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Want to talk espresso but not sure which forum? If so, this is the right one.

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TomC wrote:That's a real solid score there Rob! Welcome to HB!
Thanks! Happy to be here!
BaristaBoy E61 wrote:Great score! Maybe you didn't 'RobAnybody' but I'd say it's worth at least twice what you paid! :mrgreen:
Mathematically speaking it is even worth infinitely more :wink:
I wasn't planning on selling it though my better half is complaining it is taking up to much kitchen space. I still have some space in my office at work and my office mates have already indicated they won't mind having an espresso machine there.
First I'll have to practice a bit to get a decent shot out of it, so far I have the feeling my Pavoni is a bit more forgiving.
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Almico wrote:OK, might as well post this over here. 6-year old SF-75. Serviced before professionally removing from service a month ago. $36K. Looks like I'll be swimming' with the big fishes soon.

Yep. Yep yep yep. IS this for home use? If so, throw in 6 more Yeps.