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BaristaBoy E61

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This might be useful thread for first time purchasers of espresso equipment.

What did you buy with your setup that you never used?

I bought a 'Steam Cleaning Brush' that attaches to the Steam Wand that remains sealed in its original box, still hoping it might 'one day' be used. ... ning-brush

How about you?
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Randy G.

#2: Post by Randy G. »

When I bought my Silvia I bought a thermometer to use when steaming milk. I might have used it a couple of times, but learned quickly that I didn't need it. To make up for it, I just bought a Decent espresso machine and I bought a digital thermometer for steaming milk. Oh wait! This isn't the stupid things I did when getting espresso machines thread. Never mind.
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BaristaBoy E61 (original poster)

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I also bought an analogue Milk Steaming Thermometer that I still use daily. Had I bought a digital thermometer I think there's greater chance it would go unused by now. For me the difference is in the facility to monitor 'trends' with a purely analogue device rather than just watching numbers blow by or a bar graph. Analogue makes it easier to know when to kill the steam based on rate of change, as temperature keeps rising for a period of time.
"You didn't buy an Espresso Machine - You bought a Chemistry Set!"


#4: Post by Sideshow »

Single baskets and a water ph measurement device. I always used readily available water where the specs were posted (now I just used distilled). It was wonky to use so I never got around to it, and I never needed it anyway.

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#5: Post by Nunas »

A single spout for my previous espresso machine. If you unscrew the standard double spout, you get a single stream...doh! To add insult to injury, my Synchronika came with another one.

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#6: Post by baldheadracing »

I bought a kitchen cart, sink, and plumbing for an espresso island - still in boxes.

I've got a Coffee-Tech FZ-RR-700 roaster in its box ... and an unused TC4 kit for a Hottop from Jim Galt.

This thread has prompted me to start testing my seven single baskets :oops: .
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#7: Post by emradguy »

I also bought the steamer attachment from CCS...maybe 8 years ago?...and have not yet used it.

And I bought a relatively sophisticated pH tool as well. It requires a somewhat tedious calibration process with various standards solutions, so I've not used it.

I have yet to use my VST refractometer...but that's just me not having enough time to get started with it.

I bought an 8 liter professional grade ion exchange water softener tank that I never installed. I've had that one for almost 15 years, still in the box! (Ok, maybe longer)

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#8: Post by SandraF »

I bought a Pallo 'Steamy Wanda' - a thin brush to clean inside the steam wand. Well my steam wand has a liner inside so it stays cool to the touch, and there's no way that brush will fit up in there!

I can use the brush for other things I guess?

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#9: Post by baldheadracing » replying to SandraF »

My Steamy Wanda now cleans grinder chutes - something that needs a poking every once in a while
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#10: Post by SandraF »

That's a good idea. My Atom 75, as well as a few other Eureka grinders have that thin metal zigzag "clump crusher" where the grinds enter the chute, so I'd have to be mindful of how far up I put the brush.