Best Oat Milk?

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I've typically used Oatly Barista Edition and been quite happy with it. Pricing has begun to get out of my comfort range though ($68 for twelve 32oz cartons or $80 for twenty-four which is a lot of oat milk but it does have a long shelf life). I'd tried Califa some time ago and didn't care for it but can't remember why.

Minor Figures gets some good reviews. Any experience with it vs Oatly? Others?

Of course, given what I spend on beans I should probably just bite the Oatly bullet as it'd be a rounding error.



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I've tried several brands-Oatly, Califia, Planet Oat, Minor Figures-in search of the best tasting, wet-foam-making oat milk, and find that Chobani Plain is the hands-down best


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I'm a fan of Oatly Full Fat. It froths really nicely, well enough that I haven't gone back to any of the barista blends that I've tried (including Oatly's own). I do find that the end of the carton doesn't froth as well as when it's first opened, though. That's just me, in a home environment at 3-4 lattes per day, so it might not be an issue for those going through higher volumes.
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I've been using Califia Cafe Oat for the past year and they have been great. If there is a costco business nearby, its usually around $15 for 6 32oz cartons. I've also noticed that the regular costco started carrying a new oat milk in the refrigerated section - might try that out when i'm done with the current supply.

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We really like the Elmhurst barista oat milk. It's definitely on the thinner side right out of the carton but it steams really well and has a lower sugar/fat content than other "barista" oat milks, which was one of our criteria.