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Just wanted to share something I accidentally discovered. I recently needed a new dish cloth so I popped into the nearest store and grabbed the only thing I could find, a package of 2 Vileda Actifibre cloths. Turns out these are magic at cleaning shiny surfaces. Wet and wring the cloth and then wipe a shiny surface such as your bathroom mirror, glass cooktop, or espresso machine, and it dries completely streak free! I was so impressed I ended up buying a box of them on Amazon. It's basically some kind of hybrid microfibre material but it's amazing stuff.

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Thanks for the tip, I think I'll try a couple!
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This glasses wearer thanks you (or at least I hope I will)
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Here's what I've been using. It was in stock at my local Costco, but if not at your local warehouse it is available on-line and for non-Costco members (at a slightly higer price) at ... 56999.html

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I've got both. They are very different products. The Vileda are for use wet; the Costco, dry.

For eyeglasses, I use the Costco for daily cleaning plus the occasional ultrasonic bath to clean the nosepieces, hinges, etc.
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Here's a link to a "pro" version which should be a bit thicker and more durable. I do find that if you use the regular version for general kitchen duty, their ability to clean, streak free, doesn't last very long. Because of the cloths' relatively high cost, I now only use them for cleaning shiny surfaces that show streaks easily. ... 011IW17AK/