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#1: Post by Graphefruit »

Hello Community,

I'm not new to coffee, but I'm new in this forum.

After I've came across, that people doing many paperwork and write down any parameters they need to, I found that there are many apps outside for coffee, but no app is really fitting the needs of the coffee community, neither is open source :)

So I started to develop Beanconqueror for iOS aswell as Android.

You can track your beans, grinders aswell as preparation methods.
You can choose which parameters you would like to track e.g. grind size, brew temperature, total dissolved units / extraction yield and so on.
You can sort these to generate your own workflow.

This app was just recently redesigned and translated into english.

You can find the source here:

Android: ...

I'd like to hear your feedback and reviews to make the app a better place

Happy brewing


#2: Post by Graphefruit »

Update 4.1.1 is live, a small hotfix.

What has been changed?
- Sometimes beans weren't visible/rendered.

Android: ...
or directly on Github (for Android): ... tag/v4.1.1



#3: Post by ARehmat »

Wow, this looks really neat! I had a similar idea a while back but never got around to doing it. Thanks for sharing :mrgreen:
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#4: Post by Graphefruit » replying to ARehmat »

Thanks for your feedback, I'm happy about every coffee enthusiast using the app :)

Feature request, bug reports or just sharing your thoughts are very welcome, to make the app better every time.


#5: Post by Graphefruit »

Short update :)
Beanconqueror is now available on Instagram:
So if you want to share or spread your love, feel free to link :)

I hope everyone enjoys the app as much as the existing users do.


#6: Post by Brooklyneer »

There is a typo in your app. Second screen where it says "First Bean Description" - In the text it says Please add your frist bean description. . .


#7: Post by Graphefruit »

Thank you. I gonna fix it in the next version

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#8: Post by guijan12 »

Thanks, I'll give it a try.
The app looks good! :idea:



#9: Post by stevespeirs »

Brooklyneer wrote:There is a typo in your app. Second screen where it says "First Bean Description" - In the text it says Please add your frist bean description. . .
This screen has another typo too - "Brewing coffe with beans is kind of tricky".

Thanks for the app, Graphefruit. Just downloaded and will give it a go!


#10: Post by Graphefruit » replying to stevespeirs »

Thanks for the report, I'll have a look.
It should be more related to: Brewing coffee without any beans is kind of tricky.
I hope that sounds better ;)