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The Nutra wrote:Hi Lars, thanks a lot for the improvements. The app is getting always better.
A suggestion to the feature introduced earlier:
Just for Espresso preparations: Activate in Settings, that a brew will be automatic stopped, when no flow rate is detected anymore
If the time measurement could stop at the peak point of the chart (i.e. when the pump stopped) that would be even more useful. From that point a few more seconds until the flow and the clock stops, that is actually a few more drops coming out with no pressure.
Another comment, this window is closed by a top right corner X. It would be more logical (at least for me) to have a Close or Back button at the bottom, this is how other steps or the brew itself is closed.
Hey The Nutra,
sorry for the late response, and thanks for the insights.
Actually there is no way for Beanconqueror to know when the pump has stopped.
Maybe this could be fit with like a pressure device, where you say "when you fall below X-pressure" stop automatic.

About the popover: Yeah, thats not totally great, the issue rather here is that the chart shall be as tall and wide as possible, thats why I did those workarounds.

Have a great cup of coffee

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Version 6.6.2 is live!

Due to Google's requirement to increase the Android Target SDK to 33, we've also encountered the issue of severely restricted file system access for Beanconqueror.
While testing on my devices (including Android 13), I couldn't reproduce the problem in the same way because my Google Pixel seemed to have some kind of fallback.
Anyways, it was recognized, and a hotfix was necessary.

What's important to note: Import/export still works, but you'll need to do it slightly differently than before. You can find all the information about this here ->
Additionally, the minimum Android level is now 7.0 (previously 5.1); this couldn't be kept lower due to the requirements of the new Target SDK.

For those with older Android devices, you can still download the old releases on GitHub (anything below 6.6.2).

After several library updates were required, the iOS app has also been updated.

You can find it as usual at:

Android: ...
iOS: ‎ ... 1445297158
GitHub: ... tag/v6.6.2

If you notice anything else, please let me know!

Best regards,

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I just started using this app today. So far I like it. Thanks a bunch!

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Great to hear!
If you got any questions, I'm happy to answer :)
Have a great cup of coffee

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One item to consider in this app is adding a frozen date. For example, I buy beans and around 3 to 5 days off of roast I vacuum seal and freeze the beans in 60 gram doses. Therefore tracking the date since roast doesn't really make sense in the app for my use of beans. What I'd love to see is an additional field for freezing the beans. That way I can easily track how beans behave off of both roast date and frozen date.