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The Nutra wrote:Hi Lars, can you help please?
I successfully upgraded to 6.1 on Android and used for a day or 2. Then somehow at app start I got a full white screen. I tried uninstall, reinstall. Loos the same. Can I either get a full clean status somehow or put my latest .json file to the right place to get back to normal? (I have USB access to the phone files and I have the exports.) Thanks. As workaround I moved to my iPhone instead but the screen to small there for my old eyes...
Hi Nutra,
I'm very sorry to hear this :( I've made an extra faq page for this (like I stated in my previous post):

Please open a file tool and goto "Download" folder, and create here a new folder with the name "Beanconqueror_export", in this folder, please put your JSON file and your images.
After this you can go into the app -> settings -> import and choose the latest JSON file.
If you don't have your images exported and also put into the "Beanconqueror_export" folder, we have sadly no chance anymore because you've already uninstalled the application. There was a workaround I posted, but this just worked if the app was still installed.

Let me know if I can help you further.
You can also reach me via email:

Have a great day

The Nutra

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Hi Lars,
I have something different problem. I have the export folder, the files are there as per your faq. The initial import after the upgrade was all OK, every data appeared in the app. But now when starting the app, I literary got a white screen, no menu, nothing. :cry: This remained even after uninstall, moving all files to a safe place, deleting any BC related folders (at least the ones I know) and then reinstall. I hope this better describes.
However, this seems to be a unique issue, so I better contact you in mail, not to OFF the topic.
BTW, with all the exported data, I still can nicely use the new version on my iPhone, so nothing lost. 8) I just simply prefer my bigger Samsung Note screen and would like to get a real clean install showing the menu, so I can import all my current data.

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Hey Nutra,

at first: Happy that you don't have data loss!
Please send me an e-mail:
With this e-mail please attach me the .JSON-File which you are importing into your Samsung Note so I can have a look at it.
Thanks in advance

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Hello Coffee-Lovers,

the new Version 6.1.5 is live today!
A small patch :)

What have been changed?

QR Codes
Reload beans which where scanned via qr-codes

Brew graph
Water flow is calculated now in realtime - Specially for espresso :)

Search beans now in selection

Bug fixes:
After taking a picture, the loading spinner didn't disappear
Smaller bugfixes

You'll find the app here:
Android: ...
iOS: ... 1445297158
Github: ... ag/v.6.1.5

Best regards