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Hello Coffee-Lovers,

the new Version 5.4 is live today!

What have been changed?

Roasting section:
Manage all of your green beans and roasters (can be activated in the settings menu)
Save all of your green beans and transfer them into roasted onces
Add your roaster and connect them with your different kind of roasted beans

Go live of our new website! ->

Support us:
You've always wanted to support Beanconqueror? We've added a new 'Buy me a coffee' connection

iOS - iCloud:
The first step into iCloud support was made. At the very first start all of your existing app data will be moved into the support iCloud directory.
You have to activate this option in the iCloud Settings first in order to save Beanconqueror on iCloud

Android/iOS - Automated file-export:
Automated Beanconqueror.json-File is saved for a maximum of 7 days, after that they will be automated deleted again
Android: Download/Beanconqueror_export/Beanconqueror_automatic_export_DAY.json
iOS: Files/Download/Beanconqueror_export/Beanconqueror_automatic_export_FILE.json

Excel - Export all of your data to excel to work with it even further
Define your own image quality between 50% to 100% (default 100%)
Brew rating - Define how much stars/points you'd like to set for each brew. Minimum 5, maximum 100

New tracking:
We've changed to our open source service Matomo, which will be hosted on our own server
Removed Google Analytics / Firebase

Bug fixes:
Apple Healthkit - Settings were not saved
Sometimes brew rating stars weren't filled (Brew add/edit)
Edit via long tap, screen wasn't scrollable
Import of bigger files on iOS led to misconduct
Delete procedure of beans / preparations or mills were not consistent and lead to graphical issues
Wrong calculation of beverage quantity in statistics and list views

Share your brews and beans with all coffee lovers!

Clean ups
Layout changes
Extension of statistics
Startup check revised, added please wait window
Some label changes
Changed data access / order inside app to reduce problems

You'll find the app here:
Android: ...
Github: ... tag/v5.4.0

Best regards