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#101: Post by Molina »

Do I always need to press the play button in the app for it to record my brew correctly?

When starting with auto flow / auto tare functions on my lunar the graph is not drawn in the app. However if I press the play button the lines in the graph do show.

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Hi there,

its important to set your mode of the scale to just weight (maybe its working with other modes, but I would not recommend).
Also its important to press the play button on the app.

With Beanconqueror Version 7.0 I've implemented an auto-weight change (drip) detection, which can be activated in the settings.
Here you get a new button which you need to press and then Beanconqueror waits for the first drip to start the timer and the graph. (So you don't need to press "Play" anymore).

Now the long answer to the question to Acaia scales.
Acaia is not willing to cooperate with Beanconqueror to open up their bluetooth protocol.
I tried to reach out to them multiple times to ask for help, without success, they keep ghosting me.
Acaia blames Beanconqueror when errors occur with their scale in my App, because the implementation is not 100% bullet-proof.
Acaia states out that they have an SDK for Android and iOS, which is not 100% maintained (github tickets where not worked on (e.g:, but this SDK can't be used on Beanconqueror, or like other programming languages.

I also asked Acaia for development devices, which they don't give, so I needed to buy atleast one scale out of my own pocket to give a bit of support here.

With all the mentioned above, modes e.g. cant be supported, because we don't know how to access them / handle them, and for the question, I wouldn't know how to get the net weight e.g.

Thats why I build my own solution, which is working great, and now every scale can have an auto-start and auto-stop at Espresso side.

The best thing you can do, is to open up a service ticket at Acaia, asking them to support Beanconqueror with a native bluetooth API to have a full integration.

Or you buy a scale which has an open API approach, like the Decent Scale, the DiFluid Scale, or the BlackCoffee.IO scale.

Hope that helps and answers all the question, else let me know.
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#103: Post by SteveOhh »

Lars, thank you for the thorough response. You are truly going above and beyond. I'll send a note to Acaia customer service--your app is the best one for their scales, so of course it's a waste that they don't help you help them.

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#104: Post by RTOBarista »

I am using it on a 2021 MacBook Pro, but I have not connected to scales.

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Hi there,
MacBook is not supported.
iPhone aswell as iPad is supported.
I need to have a look why its still downloadable in the Appstore

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#106: Post by Chert »

What is utilization with visualizer?

Here is what my noon brew looked like:

And the URL: ... 8319cd749f

On the link you might see some code, at least I do. Maybe I am making mistake on the inputs.
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Visualizer is a platform where at start all shots from the Decent Espresso machine where uploaded.
After I talked with Miha the platform was opend also for Beanconqueror.
In the next steps it shall be possible to also import shots from Visualizer into Beanconqueror.

Its also a platform to compare your own shots, or with other users, in start I think mostly interesting for espresso.

Else you're doing everything correct, the code you see (better the JSON-Format) results from the first implementations.

Hope that helps

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Hello together,

I'm thrilled to share some fantastic news - all our documentation has now moved to GitBook!

Check it out:

This transition opens up a whole new world of collaborative possibilities. Whether you're a seasoned pro or just getting started, GitBook provides a user-friendly platform for diving into the details of Beanconqueror.

Join the Conversation:

Explore our new documentation.
Contribute your insights and suggestions.
Be part of the growing Beanconqueror community on GitBook.
A massive shout-out to GitBook for making this seamless transition possible, allowing us to focus on delivering an even better Beanconqueror experience.

Let's continue conquering together!

Have a wonderful cup of coffee

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#109: Post by bznelson91 »

Tomorrow (well, technically later today), I'll log my 100th brew on Beanconqueror. Thanks so much for providing this app! I'm a software developer by trade, so I appreciate the effort put in by volunteers to create products like this. Maybe I'll take a crack at getting that MacOS support; I'd really love that. In the mean time, I'd be happy to join in on a "bounty" if someone wants to start one, to get it added.


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#110: Post by RTOBarista »

I just connected the app to 2022 MacBook Pro at home for a pour over of Sey Decaf