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Want to talk espresso but not sure which forum? If so, this is the right one.
Graphefruit (original poster)

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I've just found a sad bug, please do not activate "Starting Page: Add Brew"
Its fixed it in the next update.

Graphefruit (original poster)

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Next version is in development.
Which changes will be included?
Fixing one bug that overlay could not be closed.

Added preparation type (Pour over / espresso) with this dynamic fields for brews are introduced.
Fields like water quantity is not needed for espresso and not visible then.

Added a small typeahead feature (more when finally implemented).
Added a rating popup after 25 uses (so enough to get the app known ;))
Added an update popup to tell the user which has been changed.
Added the possibility to track your brew location (Need to be enabled in settings)

More incoming, just a small headsup

Howard W

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Like the app a lot and use it daily, thank you!

Can we add the cupping option to the Bean section?


Graphefruit (original poster)

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Hey Howard,
thanks for your feedback.

Could you give me a bit more detailed briefing?
Actual there is a cupping function on the brew itself.

The idea is to add a new preparation method: "Cupping"
With this you could brew your beans and cup them with this specific method.
Is this a solution or you mean something completly else?

Howard W

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Right, actually I mean the cupping / scoring function which can be chosen inside the brew section but not the bean section. (As I do home roasting and cup the roasts so I thought as I add a new roast it would be nice to score it at the same time). Though yes I suppose I can create a cupping in the brew section then add the cupping score. Thank you!

Graphefruit (original poster)

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I don't want to force you to use another style of cupping.

I just want to get the use case to know.

I'm not that much into cupping, therefore I thought that cupping of beans is done several times.

If there is a real feature to cup the beans directly on the beans itself, without having a "brew" between it would be fine for me.
Just need to understand why so the integration with UI/UX can be added.

Howard W

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Thank you for the consideration :)

Graphefruit (original poster)

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Whats coming up next?
At the moment the next version is in development, which will take a bit.
For some anticipation, what will be in the next version?

- New styles/layouts for brews/beans/preparation methods and grinders
- Beans can inherit now much more information like blended-sorts
- New prepration methods
- Prepration methods can now be categorised (full immersion brew, pour over, espresso)
- Preparation methods will have customizeable brew-parameters, so each preparation method will show you YOUR selected fields to be filled.
- And maybe some little tweaks aswell :)

If you have more feature requests feel free to contact me.



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Hallo Grapefruit
First of all thank you for your wonderful app. Unfortunately, the app hangs up in the brewing-screen. So I can fill in all parameters and also save them, but the screen doesn't close, so I'm trapped.
Do you see any solution?
I'm using iOS 14.
Regards from Germany


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Hallo Lars,
habe gerade entdeckt, dass du auch aus good old Germany kommst. Ich hätte mir also meine Übersetzung sparen können.
Ich registriere mich mal noch im Kaffee-Netz...
Herzlichen Gruß