Bean Vault/Cellar Efficiency Question

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#1: Post by Jshot »

As someone who's always looking to make my espresso routine more efficient I toy with the idea of using bean vaults. The thought of just grabbing a predosed vial at 5AM is very appealing.

But, how do you efficiently set this up? I see the vials are sold as a set of 12. I use a standard 18g dose and that comes from a typical 12oz bag/airscape. That's 18 or 19 doses.

The best way seems to have 18 vials, take your 12oz bag and fill them all up. Not use 12 or so vials and still have a container on the counter to draw from.

I'm curious how others use them. I'm probably missing something


#2: Post by michang5 »

Here is the bean storage setup that sits on my counter. It is comprised of 10 of 12 tubes and this stainless steel rack purchased off Amazon.

I fill up the tubes using a spice funnel every 4-6 days depending on my family's consumption. I often fill up the other 2 tubes that don't sit in the rack and keep them handy. The coffee I buy comes in 1 pound bags (453 grams). My math is more complicated because 5 of my tubes are my wife's half-caff blend, but otherwise 12 standard tubes of 18g totals 216g.

That rounds up to 220-225g. So when I buy a 1 pound bag, I portion out half of it into the tubes and store the remaining half in the valved bag the coffee came in. I use a vacuum to suck out the air through the valve for a little more bean freshness.

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#3: Post by JB90068 »

My bean vaults are by Craig Lyn. Plastic with one way valves to off gas CO2. I've got a couple of dozen but may pick up more so I can put them in the freezer. They very comfortably hold 18g of beans.
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