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Hi everyone!

I've just bought my first espresso machine yesterday(a vibiemme domobar) but i got a little problem...
where's my crema? i know it's probably just me who do something wrong but if that's the case, what am i doing wrong?
another little thing is.. i normally work at a little café and before putting up the filter i run some water through the machine... but when i try to do that on the Vibiemme it's pure steam running through... is that normal or is the temperature in the boiler to high?

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Welcome to Home-Barista, Philip -

A good place to start would be here: Buyer's Guide to the Vibiemme Domobar Super

All machines sold in the US have a restrictor in the thermosyphon system having an orifice of 2.8 mm. It is, to the best of my knowledge, installed at the distributor's facility. This restrictor substantially reduces grouphead temperature and reduces the cooling flush requirements. Check with your retailer as to whether or not your machine is so equipped.

What is the maximum pressure reading you observe on your boiler pressure gage and what sort of duty cycle do you expect of this machine?

Eric S.
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#3: Post by cafeIKE »

Domobar or Domobar Super HX?

Steam from a Domobar is a bad sign. Is the Steam switch on?
Steam for a moment is OK on a Super if the boiler is really hot, > 1.2bar, and the machine sat for a while.


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I think i've found out about the temprature now :D

it's a normal vibiemme domobox.... nothing super or anything fancy..

i think i daily make coffee 3-5 times if i'm not practising latte art..

but still don't understand the crema part :? is it because my grinder's not programmed right?


#5: Post by ChristianB »

I you can read danish (I see you are from Denmark), there is a danish manual to your machine available here:

It sounds weird that you get no crema, are you using freshroasted coffee? How much coffee? and how long does it take?

I also have a Vibiemme Domobar (single boiler like the one you got) and my best advice to you is to get a naked portafilter and a triple basket and make a lot of experiments (the forementioned Quahwa sells both items cheaply). I have found that I get best results with a triple basket and 16-18g coffee. Also, read most of the topics mentioned here: /faqs-and-f ... igest.html

Good luck.

EDIT: I forgot one thing: I could not pull good shots when I first got my Domobar, as the OPV was set to allow too much pressure -- what does the gauge show when you make espresso? I would recommend you adjust it, if the pressure is higher than 10 bar -- I adjusted mine to around 10 bar.
Christian B.


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Thanks alot:P
unfortunately i don't got a coffee roaster yet.. i don't got a count on the coffee but it's about 6 bar when it brews..


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tikigods wrote: unfortunately i don't got a coffee roaster yet.. i don't got a count on the coffee but it's about 6 bar when it brews..
You do not need to roast youself, but you need coffee that has been roasted recently. From your equipmentlist I guess you have bought your equipment from Risteriet, and if you also use their coffee, that should not be the problem.

6 bars is too low, you should grind finer. How long does it take from the first drip until you stop the shot?
Christian B.