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#1: Post by Vidio »

Maybe this is the new normal but I was shocked at the response I got from Klatch about undelivered coffee. I ordered espresso beans almost two weeks ago and never got delivery. I paid for priority shipping so I called Klatch expecting them to resend or refund. But they told me that once it goes to USPS its out of their hands and there is nothing they can do. I've been a regular mail order purchaser from Klatch but this response seems to me like the end of a beautiful friendship. They said it is still in the postal system and will eventually arrive. When I noted that two weeks was pretty old for espresso they told me the beans are good for 6 months. Yikes! That was the end of the conversation.

Maybe I'm overreacting but doesn't this seem like bad policy? Or are things so bad with roasters and shipping that it is to be expected?

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#2: Post by lessthanjoey »

That is indeed shocking. Particularly them telling you the beans are good for 6 months! I've ordered from Klatch a lot and never had issues like this. One time I had a 2lb bag that the sealing on the bottom had failed in shipping on (weather was pretty hot) and the box was full of beans. They volunteered free replacement when I told them about it.

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#3: Post by Peppersass »

If the tracking info shows that the package was indeed shipped Priority Mail, then the issue is with the USPS, not Klatch. Why should Klatch be responsible for USPS's error?

You should contact USPS to find out why your package hasn't been delivered. The pandemic and political meddling have delayed Priority Mail recently, but two weeks is way out of bounds. You should get on the USPS website and file a Help request. There's a link for "Where's my package" or something like that. Someone from USPS will get back to you.

We recently had two Priority Mail packages delivered to the wrong address (each to a different address, about two weeks apart), and I got a response to my help request within a day and the packages arrived within another day. Evidently, we have a new carrier who is still learning the ropes.

As for the freshness of the coffee, it's a bummer that you're not getting it closer to roast, but I wouldn't assume the espresso won't be good, especially if it's a light roast. Some light roasts can take two weeks of rest or more to start getting good. Also, Klatch might pack their beans with inert gas, which should slow the staling process.

Bottom line, I wouldn't blame Klatch for this.

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#4: Post by HB »

Peppersass wrote:If the tracking info shows that the package was indeed shipped Priority Mail, then the issue is with the USPS, not Klatch.
USPS used to be very reliable, delivering coffee coast-to-coast in 2 days. I've noticed since the pandemic, their delivery times to our area are spotty. Most of the 100 shipments for Favorite Espressos 2020 arrived within a few days, but there were some that were more than week and the affected members were not happy. :|

PS: Contributors to this thread should refer to Public complaints about customer service in Guidelines for productive online discussion. We're on step 3 and I'd like to avoid step 4.
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#5: Post by Vidio »

I certainly do not want to start a vendetta against Klatch. I have purchased from them for years without any problems, hence my dismay. So let me pivot back to my original question. Can we as espresso lovers no longer expect that fresh beans will be delivered to us in a timely manner? Do you think that we have to start working with local roasters only? Is this the new normal?

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#6: Post by Jeff »

The new normal is that I'm now enjoying offerings from across the US and even abroad. I wouldn't have had the opportunity to explore so many roasters when I was obsessed with delivery time. A week's shipping time doesn't bother me as most espresso needs at least a week, sometimes even a month to rest.

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#7: Post by ckroaster »

Mike here with Klatch. I am sorry for the problems and delays but especially that we did a poor job in helping and communicating with you. But let me address a few items quickly since late but also I will call you directly tomorrow Friday.

First, we did a poor job in helping you on the phone. No excuses, we need to do a better job and will work on that.

Next your coffee status. Your order was placed on the 8th and it shipped (picked up by USPS) on the 10th. Tracking (I can send # to you if you do not have and would like) last shows delivery delay and in transit on the 14th but nothing since. Tracking specifically adds "Your package will arrive later than expected, but is still on its way. It is currently in transit to the next facility."
So I personally filed a "where is my package" status request with USPS. When I hear something I will forward that info also.

To answer your question of does this mean we will no longer get fresh coffee on time? I would say generally not and for the cost, USPS mostly does a very good job. Typically a shipment from CA to PA via Priority Mail is 3 business days. But yes lately they sometimes take longer and once in a great while do lose packages. But for the volume they handle they generally to a very good job.

The good news. We do Nitrogen flush in valve bags to keep coffee fresher. This particular v2 is a light roast of primarily dense beans from Kenya. So as others have pointed out these beans like rest. Additionally, when Heather and Klatch WBC were awarded Best Espresso at the World Championships we used beans 10 days off roast opened 8 hours in advance. I hope you like lighter African based espresso beans and enjoy v2.

But I will personally call you to see how I can best help you. If the coffee fails to arrive or arrives too old to enjoy we will help resolve that issue.

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#8: Post by Plinyyounger »

I ordered from klatch a couple weeks ago, two pounds and a 12oz bag. Arrived in 3 days. I have strong opinions about things like this being posted, but I will refrain. Klatch does a great job along with many others we all order from.

The mail system is overwhelmed lately due to obvious reasons. I have received emails from a few of the online vendors I frequent an example is Costco, who remind us small package deliveries can be delayed and to give your self enough time if you are ordering for the holidays.

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#9: Post by lessthanjoey »

Thanks for such a reassuring response Mike!

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#10: Post by Nik »

I have experienced quite a few lengthy delivery times this year. An order from Dragonfly finally arrived after 10 days. I had reported regularly the delay to Dragonfly. They took no responsibility or cared about the delay. The coffee finally arrived and I immediately pulled a shot with it. It was an Elida high grade and it should have been full of life and flavor. It was dead, flat, flavorless. I reported to them immediately and no response. I followed up again with no response. So be aware if you order from Dragonfly and there is a delay you are on your own.