Backed out ordering a DE1

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I decided to back out. I was in the queue for a month for a DE1 v1.3 and intended on using it for travel while taking care of family stuff. I received a notice the v1.3 could not be delivered on time unless I accepted some slight blems, and I mean slight. Or I could take a v1.4 without blems 5 weeks later. I initially decided to take John up on the v1.4, then after much thought I decided to just cancel the order. The machine after all was to be used as a travel a machine and I have travel scheduled which would result in no machine.

So John and the team promptly returned my money and indicated the waiting line was extensive and therefore the machine I didn't want would get a good home instantly.

I am happy with my decision, I saved money I didn't need to spend, still have a great machine at home too. I wasn't sure I was ready anyway with having such a high tech machine, although I love the concept, Johns attentiveness etc, I think I prefer tried and true reliability at this point. Not to say the DE1 isn't reliable, but it does require attention my other machines do not. I do not want to spend the extra time right now, maybe a later time.

Thanks to John and his staff for being way above standard it is much appreciated!!