Atomic Brevitti Robbiati eye candy

Want to talk espresso but not sure which forum? If so, this is the right one.

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Happy Thanksgiving Everyone! Just picked up this Atomic up and wanted to post a few pictures.


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Nice. My first espresso "machine" was a red one purchased in SFin the 70's. Just like yours but with a pressure gauge screwed in on top. I assume you have the tapered brass shaft you insert at the bottomof the portafilter. It closes off the outlet of the portafilter to allow the steam to build up so you can steam your milk or get hot water from the wand. The red painted ones I think were cheaper than the one you got.

I don't think the coffee it brewed was better tasting than what I could get from a moka pot, though I liked all the fuss of using it while studying at home and making espresso and wasn't bad and was much cheaper but nowheres near as good as what I got at Caffe Med, where a big capp still went for under 2 bucks.