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Capuchin Monk

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maximatica wrote:What is all that excess sodium doing to people's nervous systems?

All those nervous system diseases? all caused by excess sodium.

Sugar is much lower on the scale of harmful foods than sodium.
Sodium is sodium but the term sugar has many variations, simple, complex, natural, artificial ...etc. Our body can deal with excess sodium much better than excess sugar. The table sugar we are talking about came into human consumption like a minute ago in anthropological timeline. Sodium was in the mix from the beginning. The two are even more different from apple and orange.


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I'm not able to access the whole recent article but I don't think the results are strong to answer the question about sweetener in coffee so they don't add much to previous studies. Sweetener in coffee is assessed through self reported, one day snapshot in the broader context of sugar in participants' diets.

What's has stronger evidence is that both excess sodium and excess sugar cause health problems and coffee consumption is one of the few foods that is inversely associated with mortality.

Now if only they looked more closely at what type of coffee was consumed and got a larger sample size of espresso drinkers. Maybe they could look at mortality among flat burr versus conical :lol:

For a previous study see:


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Coffee has been reported through numerous studies to be very beneficial to liver health.

I have also seen numerous articles recently reporting that ESPRESSO (particularly) can have negative effects on cholesterol in males, but this does not happen in females. There is a somewhat opposite effect in drip (filtered) coffee where it is the opposite.