Arist coffee machine (Kickstarter)

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So, I just came across this project. Basically, a super-auto. However, according to the creator, it's like having a professional barista at home. *sigh* :|

I'm skeptical it'll be exceptional for anything. ... ry_popular
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Weight-based grinding, automatic milk, automatic sugar, pressure control, cup detection, etc. in a small package for $250. :roll: Shenanigans.
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What exactly is a technical evangelist?
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Check out the claims of IP infringement from Scanomat in the earlier comments.

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They also claim pressure profiling is a feature. Also, I wached the entire promotional video. We never see it pull a shot, just dispensing steamed milk.

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sweaner wrote:What exactly is a technical evangelist?
This has become a really trendy new title in the tech world. Is tech something that needs an evangelist anymore, it seems like it is catching on fairly well all by itself. :roll:

Here is a job description from a guy that actually has the job.
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The perfect upgrade to your ZPM Nocturne!

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The design appears to be missing a few mechanical bits and pieces, like a pump and a method for getting ground coffee into a brew chamber and removing spent grounds, a process which normally requires one or more small electric motors and more space than you'd think. The "form factor" of superautos is more or less dictated by pump, water heater and mechanical requirements, and I can't see any of them. Moving ground coffee into and out of a space pressurized to 9 bar at 90C isn't trivial.


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Not to mention a refrigerator, weight based grinder be honest anytime I see "15 bar pump" used in marketing fluff I just know they are clueless. I might back this just to stay in the loop, keep track of my tax dollars hard at work :roll:

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You can back it for $1 if you just want to see all the gory details and hidden private updates a year or two from now.